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Tuesday, December 15

A new twist on my blog...

If you had been to my blog in the past, you know what I'm talking about.  I am giving up my previous dishy blog so I can share my more passionate side.  Plus, there were a few people who  didn't appreciate my opinions about my "past".  I guess the truth hurts!

I have always been creative.  I remember "cooking" at the ripe age of 4.  While my parents were sleeping, I would saunter down to the kitchen and create wonderful concoctions... I am surprised I am alive.  I remember mixing cocoa powder with comet.  Stirring it for hours.  The color of green and brown mixing together fascinated me.  Good thing I didn't eat it.  I am probably the reason kids proofing was created.  My parents idea of kid proofing was then to lock my bedroom at night.  Sooooo, I got creative in my bedroom.  I started peeling the wallpaper!

Yep, even as a youngster, I couldn't sit still and always wanted to be doing something.  So, I am sharing my passion of creativity.

Welcome back...

Have fun with me, play and find your own creative side! I'll be sharing all sorts of things from my fabulous finds, culinary creations and those imaginative beauties I create out of paper, fabric, metal or... who knows...

Exciting news, as well... I have been engaged for over two years and we have set the date!!!  I will be married to my soul mate on June 19, 2010!  We are so incredibly excited.  Love the second time around is absolutely amazing!

I'll keep ya posted on that endeavor as I plan a wedding!!!!  

come back soon!  I won't bore you!