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Monday, January 4

it is a New Year, isn't it?

I am excited yet sad that tomorrow everyone will be back to their normal schedules... unless you are in college!

Today is the beginning of reality, isn't it?  I will miss my sweetie around and my youngest daughter as they have go back to work/school.  Fortunately, I have my older daughter to hang with.  I am incredibly excited to start my new year adventures.  I start college courses later this month.  I am taking a ceramics class, a web editing class and color photography as well as later in the spring session, a nutrition class.

We already have travel plans this year... a trip to Mexico in February and Hawaii in June... yippee!  Hawaii is our honeymoon!  So, along with the new year comes planning our wedding celebration!  I have contacted my step-bro (chef in Boston) for ideas and a good friend here in town is a party coordinator.  It's going to be a blast of a celebration.  Small and intimate with vintage flair!  I'm thinking red... bright, bold, fun!