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Wednesday, September 7

So excited to be featured in an Etsy Treasury!

These teacups are so adorable and they were featured in an Etsy Treasury!  I hate to sell them as they would look so cute in my lil' vintage hutch, but I should.  I am hitting too many vintage shops and collecting too many goodies!

Be sure to check out the rest of my vintage goodies and a few handmade treasures at my Etsy shop ...

Also check out my design blog at www.kathleenannedesigns.blogspot.com ...

have an amazing day!

Saturday, August 6

Another School Year, Already????

It's the beginning of August and my youngest has started school!  That's crazy!  It's earlier and earlier every year.  I think they used to start early due to the farming schedule, but let's face it, unfortunately there isn't much farming anymore so???  It's just not right.  The weather is finally perfect pool weather and people are still having great BBQ's and more.

I think I am more bitter about school starting earlier this year as this is the last year of school for my youngest daughter  as she will be a senior in high school!  A senior!!!?????  Didn't she just start preschool?  Weren't we just at Field Day for her 3rd grade class?  What's happening?  Were we too busy chasing the next biggest dream to slow down and really enjoy it?  Or is it really true that time flies as we get older?  I think my daughter is feeling the same things as she said she still feels so little.  This last year, I think it will be imperative to enjoy the little things in life and spend more time together doing, maybe, nothing -  talking, sharing, just being together!

I am going to have to make sure I do this as.... at the same time, my oldest daughter will be a senior in college!!!  Holy moly!  They will both be ending a chapter and beginning a new one!  It's absolutely crazy, crazy, crazy!  I am so excited for them, but we all know it's such a bittersweet time in life.

And, then, there's all the things I have to do... sell a family home as I won't need it and I am so ready to downsize to a little cottage in the foothills of Colorado.  But, that means purging sooooo much stuff and deciding what to do with it all.  Ahhhhhhhh.... I wish I could ignore it, and I suppose I could and just live in the house longer, but I am too excited to move on with my life, too.  Empty nester issues?  Not me!!!!!  Having been a single mom for so long has been tough, so this is my new chapter, too!  I am approaching it with so much excitement.  Probably too much, so it's going to be really important to slow down and enjoy this last monumental year in my girls' lives.

Happy new school year everyone Don't let the early start end your summer.  Try to let the kids stay up a smidge later than normal and continue to eat smores and savor the summer nights (we know it's too dang hot to enjoy the days!).  The first few weeks of school, at least for littler one's moves at a slower pace, so let them enjoy the season still.  Enjoy each and every moment... take more pictures, save more artwork and volunteer as much as you can!  You won't regret it.  

have an amazing day!

Friday, July 8

My design blog... up and running....

I'm excited to finally get to my design blog... if you get a chance, hop on over and see what I am up to.... 

Kathleen Anne Designs where you will find vintage, upcycled, handcrafted and repurposed goodies!

have an amazing day!

Friday, April 8

Fabulous Friday!

My daughter's Cheerleading team had a fabulous banquet a couple of Friday's ago. So today, I thought I would post some pictures of that wonderful event that my honey and I attended in Lily's honor. The girls dressed up and looked amazing!  They are all incredibly beautiful and fun-loving girls.  They are talented beyond belief and so devoted to what they do!
I volunteered to do the table decorations for the tables the girls were going to be sitting at.  The banquet was for Varsity and JV cheer.  I was so thrilled to use my creative talents to make something that would be fun, as well as a little gift for each girl.  

I took pictures of the girls and made crepe paper rosettes with their picture in the middle. Then, I had these small boxes that I covered in pictures of the teams... in the boxes, I loaded them up with Dove chocolates.  I put these in cellophane bags and made them all pretty.


I then designed and created each of the girls a scrabble tile key chain in a cheer theme with matching glass beads.  

I made 54 of these goodies and then placed them in the middle of the tables along with lose candy, shimmery streamers and lots of confetti.

The parents and girls loved these!  It was a joy for me to make them even if I didn't allow nearly enough time.  I spent two weeks straight, but I still could have used more time.  The story of my life, hee, hee.  It was fun to use my talents as I haven't been able to find the time or energy to do so in a while. 

I'm so blessed and I am always thrilled to play an active daily role in my girls lives.  A day doesn't go by when I don't think about how I can help them or do something for them.  A mother's love runs deep and never ends, does it?  My older daughter, who is a junior in college, is growing into her own woman.  I love watching this happen and sharing this with her.  She calls me several times a day to ask for advice, share her joys and sorrows or just chat.  It won't matter how old the girls get, I will always be by their side.

It's been a bumpy road over the last few years for the girls and I, but the joyous times are starting to out-weigh those horrible moments and recede further back in our minds.   

So, enjoy another fabulous Friday and make it a wonderful weekend!  Maybe you can find something creative to do for someone else... I know it fills me with joy! 

have an amazing day! 

Friday, January 7

Welcome to 2011!

A new year?  Crazy, I say!  Where did last year go?  I feel like I can't keep up with how fast time is going.  I feel like there are way too many things to do and so little time.  Don't we all feel that way?  Why, why is it like this?  Is it just because we are getting older, is it because I have too many ideas and things I was to do and then, because my mind gets on overload, I end up getting nothing done?  Or is it because I am a bad planner?  Okay, it's probably all of these things!

So, do I make a resolution to get more organized or resolve to get more focused?  Hmmmm.... let me think about that for oh... did I tell you I am a procrastinator?  Ugh!  Yep, that's me!  I think I need to focus on planning and doing instead of thinking about doing it and pondering how, when and why!

I have spent the last few days browsing the web and trying to find a system that would work for me.  I have found nothing earth shattering.  I think I just need to get my day planner out and schedule things.  I also need to step away from the computer more often.  But, I'm addicted.  I admit it!  argh!  This is going to be rough.  Very rough!

I have a couple more weeks before my classes start and I am eager to get things done.  I have started getting my studio area more organized and have decided to get rid of the supplies I just won't use anymore.  I have to do this.  I am overwhelmed with stuff.  My whole house is filled with stuff.  After my divorce and having to deal with all the material items we owned, it is time to purge.  To donate, sell and just throw away.  I have started to do that and it feels amazing.  So freeing.

My list of things I want to achieve in the new year are overwhelming.  Some of the items rolling around my head are:
  • expand my creative business
  • keep my full-time schedule of classes in school
  • get our house ready to sell in about a year which entails painting, repairing, purging things
  • ride my bike more this year (last year the weather made it difficult along with my silly illnesses)
  • spend more time playing in the kitchen
What are your plans for this fresh new year?  Do you have a great system that keeps you organized?  Do you make resolutions?  How about an accountibility buddy?  Does that help?

I do know that baby steps are the way to go.  Start small and don't overwhelm yourself... 

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's get started and do it!!!!

have an amazing day and make it an incredible new year!