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Saturday, December 18

Where is Christmas?

It's in a week!!!!  Isn't that crazy?  It always happens to fast!  This year, it seems like it's more enjoyable as I think I have absolutely lowered my expectations.  We are keeping the holidays very simple.  My girls don't care about the gifts and "stuff", they are really more interested in relaxing.  I think that everywhere around them is hustling and bustling, so they are content just being home and together!

Frankly, I love it!  I love just hanging at home with my girls and my honey!  We have been making gifts and sweets to give to friends and family.  I haven't really had to hit the stores and I won't ever have to go to the mall, which I despise.

Life is incredible when you slow down and enjoy it!

Enjoy your friends and family for who they are and embrace the moments you can spend time together...

Happy holidays to you and your family!!!