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Friday, June 18

In this moment... Life stands still and...

I smile!!!

I am thinking about life! I am thinking right now how amazingly blessed I am! Even with a wicked trial coming up that has been turned into a huge trial due to my unbelievably sociopathic ex and his controlling wife... And even though I live in pain daily... And I wonder how I will continue to afford the rising cost of raising two kids on my own...

I can't stop smiling at the amazing fortune I have! And I don't mean monetary fortune! Money doesn't make you happy.  What makes me happy is having the love of family and friends! It's the security in knowing that you found your soul mate in life! It's the feeling that you get when a stranger thanks you for just smiling at them for no reason!

A week from today, my sweetie and I will be on our way to Hawaii to celebrate our commitment and love for each other... Forever together! We are committed to each other for life! Through the good times and the bad times! Knowing that neither one of us will ever hurt each other by a selfish act as with our previous spouses!

I smile today, as I will always know that I have raised two amazing daughters despite the circumstances that have been thrown our way! Everyday, the girls continue to amaze me with their unselfishness to those around them and their positive attitude toward the world!

I could go on and on with my gratefulness for all that I have! And, it's never the material possessions that make me happy.  However, instead, I will leave you to ponder all that you are grateful for... 

and remember to smile! 

For as they say, "a smile is worth a thousand words"!