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Wednesday, April 28

Wonderful Wednesday!

The weeks are flying by...  Spring is here... it's beautiful here in sunny Colorado...

I have been immersed in my classes at college.  It's the end of the school year for my girls and myself.  My girls and I have all accomplished so much!

I am so proud of my girls.  My oldest daughter was initiated last night into a Sorority, Delta Gamma.  It's one of the first woman's fraternities, founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi.  The cost, well, we won't talk about that.  First and foremost, the connections and benefits of working together for the community is the best thing about this sorority.  Sure there are parties and such, but not like the other sororities.  This sorority is amazing as far as community service and the amount of things the girls get to learn from this experience.  Just for initiation, I was asked to write a letter to my daughter and send flowers as it's a tradition.  It was a lovely surprise for my daughter.  She has been so excited to be initiated.  She has worked hard to be involved.  I am so proud of her!  Next year, she will live in the house as she has earned a spot there.  Most of the girls don't live there; however, they are required to live a minimum of two semesters in the house.  They have to work hard to earn that spot!  Fun times will be had.  The house mother is apparently a sweet caring woman.  I am sure this will be wonderful for my daughter.

Yesterday was also an exciting day for my younger daughter!  She tried out for cheer-leading at school all last week and final try-outs were last night - postponed from last Friday due to the snow storm we had.  Nervous and excited... she made it!  She is thrilled!  She loved cheer-leading as a child, but didn't continue.  Once her dad left, it was too hard for me to handle that along with the commitment to her sister's activities.  I am glad that her interest stayed with cheer-leading.  I was one in high-school and it was a great time.  Cheer-leading these days is a lot different from when I was one back in the day.  These days, you have to pay!  The expense is $800, up front and that doesn't include tumbling classes twice a week and other expenses associated with the competitions and such.  Phew!  I remember getting my wool skirt and top from the coach and then having to purchase saddle shoes.  That was it... done deal.  These days, there's several pairs of shorts, shirts, socks, etc. and, required warm ups at $125 bucks!!!!  There's JV Bonding camps and stunt camps, choreographers and more... that's an extra $300 bucks!  And, so much more!

Between the two girls, I will be designing, creating and selling this summer to cover those expenses... phew!!!  Crazy!!!!  I'll be sure to post anything and everything I have for sale on etsy.com, eBay.com, craigslist.com and... everywhere!  LOL!

The pride and joy of seeing your children succeed is the best thing in the world! 

Take a moment today to breathe and have an amazing day!

Thursday, April 22

~ ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ ~

It s a rainy, foggy morning here in my part of the world... A good day for class, lots of homework, reports and exam results!  Ahhhhh...

for today enjoy this picture from one of my photography assignments.  The assignment was a photo essay... mine was the process of baking ~

Grating zucchini ~

Cracking the eggs ~

have an amazing day!

Monday, April 12

Merry Monday!

Merry Monday dear friends!

It probably seems like I have been missing in action... Well, I have!!!  Since starting college, I have been buried in books, clay, vo2 machines, digital cameras and more!  I love it, but I can't get to my home life at all!  I haven't been able to play on etsy or with my fabrics... or anything!  I was going to take a few summer classes, but I think I will take, possibly, ONE!

I have enjoyed taking classes immensly, but taking 15 credits with 3 online classes is pretty intense.  I have learned a few things for registering next year... which is in a few days.  Classes start August 16th for the fall session!  When will time slow down?  LOL!

The weather has been fairly nice in this part of the country.  However, we do have our share of wind in the spring.  So, I haven't hopped on my bike yet this season.  I was really sick the past two weeks with bronchitis, anyway.  This week is going to be crazy with school, again.  Yet, I really need to get out and play in the dirt.  The yard is trying to green up and there are things growing in the garden.  Spring is really here!  How refreshing!

Yesterday, my honey and I went on a hike with my nephew and his girlfriend.  My nephew just finished his second tour of duty in Iraq and is now going to be stationed here in Colorado.  I am so excited as this is the only relative of mine that is finally near me!  All of my family is on the east coast, so I have been alone in navigating some good and bad (extremely bad) times.  You never realize how much family means until you really need them!

We went on a fun hike... it was pretty mellow at first, but then... hee, hee... the adventurist in all of us wanted to keep going and decided that there must be a way to go around this big reservoir we were hiking by.  So, an hour later, hiking in thigh high snow at times, we made it.  The unknown was fun as well as sliding down boulders and hanging on to trees for fear of slipping down the mountain into the water!  I did get a gash on my leg from the snow, that was pretty much ice with tree limbs hidden by the snow.  We would be walking in this snow that was so icy, thigh high and feeling trees and such with our legs.  Of course, we were dressed for fair weather... LOL!  Oh well, it's still fun!

Well, I am off to finish some homework and get a head start on this weeks deadlines, which are many!  There's also a visit to court I get to make a week from today thanks to my ex... argh!  When does it end?  Six years of being divorced and...

Enjoy your Monday and make it merry!  I know I will....

have an amazing day!