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Sunday, December 20

Working in my studio space...

I am so thrilled to have this quiet time to work in my studio space.  My girls have gone to Houston to spend the holiday with their dad and my sweetie has the week off.  We are on slow-motion pace.  My sweetie's son is here and it's been wonderful!  I am glad to have him here to spend time with his dad.  They are so cute together!

I am using this time to get my studio space in order so I can begin working.  We were blessed to inherit my sweetie's mom's china cabinet.  It was at another relatives house, but he's moving out of state, so we were able to get this beautiful piece. Unfortunately, we don't have space in our dining room as I have a beautiful antique dining table and hutch in there already.  The house isn't quite set up for antiques.  There's not a lot of wall space.  So, I get to have this piece in my studio.  I am going to use it to store my fabric stash.  How wonderful it will be to have all my fabric displayed this way.  It's going to take me a while to move the fabric, but I will work on it day by day this week

I have a list of things I want to make and get on Etsy to sell.  I don't know what I'll start with first!  I am also excited to get out my mom's Babylock serger.  I have never used one and will  probably take a class at our local quilt/sewing shop.  I picked up a book at the library on sergers, but I'm more of a visual person - so a class will be better.