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Saturday, December 18

Where is Christmas?

It's in a week!!!!  Isn't that crazy?  It always happens to fast!  This year, it seems like it's more enjoyable as I think I have absolutely lowered my expectations.  We are keeping the holidays very simple.  My girls don't care about the gifts and "stuff", they are really more interested in relaxing.  I think that everywhere around them is hustling and bustling, so they are content just being home and together!

Frankly, I love it!  I love just hanging at home with my girls and my honey!  We have been making gifts and sweets to give to friends and family.  I haven't really had to hit the stores and I won't ever have to go to the mall, which I despise.

Life is incredible when you slow down and enjoy it!

Enjoy your friends and family for who they are and embrace the moments you can spend time together...

Happy holidays to you and your family!!!

Thursday, September 16

Where did my babies go?

Where did my little girls go?

Time keeps rolling along so quickly and, at times, it's hard to remember the past.  

As I read this post from a fellow blogger, I got teary eyed... I do remember... I remember the innocence and wonder my little girls had.  I wish that I knew then what I know now.  I would have stopped worrying about the house and the other silly details of life that weren't important and just enjoy each and every moment with my girls.  Fortunately, I was able to stay at home with my girls while they were young; however, I was young and naive.  I thought my role as wife and mother was to keep a perfect home, cook a perfect meal, volunteer in the community helping others and keep the life for my husband easy so he could focus on his career.  I know now that I should have been doing the opposite.  I did all of it and it took a toll on me. 

In the end, my marriage of 18 years fell apart (we won't go there as to the real reason - sometimes, you can't change someone who will inevitably stray!) and my life as I knew it was changed in an instant.  It also took a toll on my health as I have acquired many health issues that are "silent".  No one can see the pain I live with or the disease I have that could take my life.  Fortunately, my life is better than it ever was.  I am with the love of my life and my girls are happy and healthy and thriving.  I live with a smile on my face and my chin forever up.  My glass is still half full, in fact, overflowing!  I have amazing friends and family who have supported us through the worst of times and now enjoy the best of times with us!
Today, after reading about this darling little girl who had found a new joy in books, I was reminded blessed I have been in my life.  My girls are still full of wonder and hope.  They have been given a great foundation in life and they are happy and healthy.  They are positive young ladies with a huge wild world ahead of them. 

I am blessed to have wonderful memories even if I feel like I could have done more, which is silly as I was always there for them and need to remember that they are who they are because of my love for them.  My girls had a great life growing up, for the most part.  And, now after some horrific turmoil, they have a wonderful life again.  We have great memories with few regrets.  I don't believe in regrets as I have seen too many people be burdened by regrets and it's hard to be happy when you feel regretful, angry or hurt.  I have instilled the love of life in my girls which includes enjoying the moment and believing in the future.

As Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Dream a little dream every day!!!!

To read this fellow blogger's post click here:  Sweet innocence... fellow blogger's poignant post made me teary eyed!

Monday, August 9

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” 


have an amazing day!

Friday, June 18

In this moment... Life stands still and...

I smile!!!

I am thinking about life! I am thinking right now how amazingly blessed I am! Even with a wicked trial coming up that has been turned into a huge trial due to my unbelievably sociopathic ex and his controlling wife... And even though I live in pain daily... And I wonder how I will continue to afford the rising cost of raising two kids on my own...

I can't stop smiling at the amazing fortune I have! And I don't mean monetary fortune! Money doesn't make you happy.  What makes me happy is having the love of family and friends! It's the security in knowing that you found your soul mate in life! It's the feeling that you get when a stranger thanks you for just smiling at them for no reason!

A week from today, my sweetie and I will be on our way to Hawaii to celebrate our commitment and love for each other... Forever together! We are committed to each other for life! Through the good times and the bad times! Knowing that neither one of us will ever hurt each other by a selfish act as with our previous spouses!

I smile today, as I will always know that I have raised two amazing daughters despite the circumstances that have been thrown our way! Everyday, the girls continue to amaze me with their unselfishness to those around them and their positive attitude toward the world!

I could go on and on with my gratefulness for all that I have! And, it's never the material possessions that make me happy.  However, instead, I will leave you to ponder all that you are grateful for... 

and remember to smile! 

For as they say, "a smile is worth a thousand words"!

Monday, June 14

time flies when you are having fun...

The weeks are just flying by!  The weekend was so rainy and cold - unusual for this time of year.  Everything is so green.  Fortunately, there wasn't any hail to destroy the few plants I have planted this year.  With my Fibro getting worse, I have had to back off on all that I do; therefore, this year, less flowers in the garden.

I do enjoy a little rain to keep me indoors and not out riding my bike.  I decided to put a printer tray to good use and am using it for my earrings.  I think it works very well.  I was tired of having to find earrings that never seemed to stay together in my jewelry drawer.  This is certainly a fun way to see what I have.

Well, it's off to class on this Monday morning.   Hopefully, the sun will come out and it will warm up later today.

Enjoy your Monday... what exciting things do you have planned for this summer day?


Wednesday, June 9

Schools out for Summer!

It's June.... where does time go?  Both my girls are home for the summer, looking for jobs.  My older gal just found one!  Yippee!  The younger gal, well, it's too hard out there to find a job.  That's okay.  She's busy with Cheerleading practices, already, and headed to a 4-day camp next week.  Then, back to town to get her license!  Ahhhhhh!  Car insurance, again... my older one just renewed hers on my account.  Where does it end... all the expenses of raising kids????

Oh well... they are amazing girls full of life and so much passion about their futures!  Me, too!  Back in school and loving it.  I am finally going to be able to focus on me and get a college degree.  Strange, but good.  The college scene is different than 30 years ago, that's for sure!

well, it's off to make dinner... Vietnamese Noodle Bowls... a request of my daughter.  Yum!

Sunday, May 9

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day sweet mom...

May you be dancing in heaven today and always!

Thank you for giving me life!

have an amazing day!

Wednesday, April 28

Wonderful Wednesday!

The weeks are flying by...  Spring is here... it's beautiful here in sunny Colorado...

I have been immersed in my classes at college.  It's the end of the school year for my girls and myself.  My girls and I have all accomplished so much!

I am so proud of my girls.  My oldest daughter was initiated last night into a Sorority, Delta Gamma.  It's one of the first woman's fraternities, founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi.  The cost, well, we won't talk about that.  First and foremost, the connections and benefits of working together for the community is the best thing about this sorority.  Sure there are parties and such, but not like the other sororities.  This sorority is amazing as far as community service and the amount of things the girls get to learn from this experience.  Just for initiation, I was asked to write a letter to my daughter and send flowers as it's a tradition.  It was a lovely surprise for my daughter.  She has been so excited to be initiated.  She has worked hard to be involved.  I am so proud of her!  Next year, she will live in the house as she has earned a spot there.  Most of the girls don't live there; however, they are required to live a minimum of two semesters in the house.  They have to work hard to earn that spot!  Fun times will be had.  The house mother is apparently a sweet caring woman.  I am sure this will be wonderful for my daughter.

Yesterday was also an exciting day for my younger daughter!  She tried out for cheer-leading at school all last week and final try-outs were last night - postponed from last Friday due to the snow storm we had.  Nervous and excited... she made it!  She is thrilled!  She loved cheer-leading as a child, but didn't continue.  Once her dad left, it was too hard for me to handle that along with the commitment to her sister's activities.  I am glad that her interest stayed with cheer-leading.  I was one in high-school and it was a great time.  Cheer-leading these days is a lot different from when I was one back in the day.  These days, you have to pay!  The expense is $800, up front and that doesn't include tumbling classes twice a week and other expenses associated with the competitions and such.  Phew!  I remember getting my wool skirt and top from the coach and then having to purchase saddle shoes.  That was it... done deal.  These days, there's several pairs of shorts, shirts, socks, etc. and, required warm ups at $125 bucks!!!!  There's JV Bonding camps and stunt camps, choreographers and more... that's an extra $300 bucks!  And, so much more!

Between the two girls, I will be designing, creating and selling this summer to cover those expenses... phew!!!  Crazy!!!!  I'll be sure to post anything and everything I have for sale on etsy.com, eBay.com, craigslist.com and... everywhere!  LOL!

The pride and joy of seeing your children succeed is the best thing in the world! 

Take a moment today to breathe and have an amazing day!

Thursday, April 22

~ ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ ~

It s a rainy, foggy morning here in my part of the world... A good day for class, lots of homework, reports and exam results!  Ahhhhh...

for today enjoy this picture from one of my photography assignments.  The assignment was a photo essay... mine was the process of baking ~

Grating zucchini ~

Cracking the eggs ~

have an amazing day!

Monday, April 12

Merry Monday!

Merry Monday dear friends!

It probably seems like I have been missing in action... Well, I have!!!  Since starting college, I have been buried in books, clay, vo2 machines, digital cameras and more!  I love it, but I can't get to my home life at all!  I haven't been able to play on etsy or with my fabrics... or anything!  I was going to take a few summer classes, but I think I will take, possibly, ONE!

I have enjoyed taking classes immensly, but taking 15 credits with 3 online classes is pretty intense.  I have learned a few things for registering next year... which is in a few days.  Classes start August 16th for the fall session!  When will time slow down?  LOL!

The weather has been fairly nice in this part of the country.  However, we do have our share of wind in the spring.  So, I haven't hopped on my bike yet this season.  I was really sick the past two weeks with bronchitis, anyway.  This week is going to be crazy with school, again.  Yet, I really need to get out and play in the dirt.  The yard is trying to green up and there are things growing in the garden.  Spring is really here!  How refreshing!

Yesterday, my honey and I went on a hike with my nephew and his girlfriend.  My nephew just finished his second tour of duty in Iraq and is now going to be stationed here in Colorado.  I am so excited as this is the only relative of mine that is finally near me!  All of my family is on the east coast, so I have been alone in navigating some good and bad (extremely bad) times.  You never realize how much family means until you really need them!

We went on a fun hike... it was pretty mellow at first, but then... hee, hee... the adventurist in all of us wanted to keep going and decided that there must be a way to go around this big reservoir we were hiking by.  So, an hour later, hiking in thigh high snow at times, we made it.  The unknown was fun as well as sliding down boulders and hanging on to trees for fear of slipping down the mountain into the water!  I did get a gash on my leg from the snow, that was pretty much ice with tree limbs hidden by the snow.  We would be walking in this snow that was so icy, thigh high and feeling trees and such with our legs.  Of course, we were dressed for fair weather... LOL!  Oh well, it's still fun!

Well, I am off to finish some homework and get a head start on this weeks deadlines, which are many!  There's also a visit to court I get to make a week from today thanks to my ex... argh!  When does it end?  Six years of being divorced and...

Enjoy your Monday and make it merry!  I know I will....

have an amazing day!

Friday, March 12

Fabulous Friday find of the week....

Isn't this divine???  I picked up some vintage jewelry at my local thrift store near college and I would love to make something like this with my finds... 

We shall see.  I may just put it in my etsy.com shop instead.  I will have a lot of goodies to list for sale as my hunting expeditions have been very successful!

have an amazing day!

Thursday, February 18

Livin' in a small western town...

 I had a photography assignment that was due today.  It was to take photos that represented a "sense of place".  I realized that after living in this small little town for the last 13 years, I have taken for granted what a truly small western town this is after taking an hours worth of photos.  I went right down to Main Street and looked at the town through the lens of my camera.  
What I found was that even with all the growth surrounding Main Street, we still have that small town feeling.  To me, it's harder to find that western small town feel all the time, but it still resembles a small western town ~
We actually still have cowboys.  I caught this man heading to the local real estate office.  Maybe looking for more land for his horses?
This is a historic home converted into an office (Engineering firm) ~
 I was bummed that I caught this too late, but this was a refurbished John Deere tractor being pulled by a big truck with the dually wheels... I could hear it coming, but I didn't expect the tractor.  Everyone out this way loves a big John Deere!
This is the Episcopal Church in the center of town and the brick path leading meandering through the grounds ~
Another historic home converted into a Veterinary clinic ~ 
 There aren't too many huge trees out this way.  It's just so dry out here.  I thought this was a great shot ~

~ ~ Enjoy ~ ~

Monday, February 15

Home Sweet Home!

Back to reality!  It's always a good thing coming home to my girls and critters, but it's soooo bad not waking up on the beach!  Oh well.  It will only be a few months until we go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!

We saw a few couples getting married at the resort we were staying at and it confirmed that we just really want to elope!  So, the fun begins for planning our wedding, just the two of us, in Hawaii!  I don't even know where to begin... fortunately, simplicity will make things incredibly easy!

Enjoy your Monday!  I'm off to reality... class and everything else!  How blessed I am!

Sunday, February 7

Superbowl Sunday!

It is snowing lightly here and so a yummy, homemade tortilla soup was in order.  It was well received by my sweetie and daughter #2. I thought I would share my recipe.  I never can create the same thing twice, however, this time, I wrote it down...  enjoy!

Kathleen's Tortilla Soup


  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 smoked jalapenos in adobo sauce, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 2 (15 ounce) can rotel tomatoes
  • 3 boxes organic chicken broth, I get it from Costco
  • 1 cup whole corn kernels, frozen works well
  • 1 (15 ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 3 boneless chicken breast halves, frozen
  • crushed tortilla chips
  • sliced avocado
  • shredded sharp cheddar or jack cheese
  • chopped green onions
  • fresh cilantro


  1. In a medium stock pot, heat oil over medium heat. Saute onion, garlic and smoked jalapenos in oil until soft. Stir in chili powder, oregano, tomatoes, broth. Bring to a boil, and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Stir in frozen chicken breasts, corn, beans and cilantro. Simmer for 1-1/2 hours.
  3. Chicken will cook and then you can shred it.  Add water if needed.
  4. Ladle soup into individual serving bowls, and top with crushed tortilla chips, avocado slices, cheese, cilantro and chopped green onion.

Friday, February 5

Fabulous Friday find of the week....

Friday morning... 

a day to collect my thoughts.  I don't have classes on Friday, so it's my day to get some other things done.  Lately, it's the day of the week for my body to recoup.  I am finding that either I'm not used to this type of lifestyle (having to focus on something in which I have to be graded on), or the silent illnesses I have are really taking a toll on my.  When you have Fibromyalgia and CFS, among other things, you body is really affected by more than just the physical things you do, it's also affected by the mental things you do which truly affects one's body.  I am definitely more stressed, yet again, going back to school as I juggle single parenting and running a household, etc.  The role I played at home is still there.  My older daughter tries to compare me to her when I say, "well, I have homework to do" and she jumps in to say," now you know what I feel like".  Yeah, I don't think my daughter's college life is like mine at 47.  I can't sleep past 7 a.m. as I have her sister to get out the door, dogs to feed and a house to clean, etc.  I have to really laugh as she doesn't get that my travels to help her this week, twice, driving an hour each way to help her pick up and move some furniture for her house is tough on me.  Oh well, I love having the girls in my life... but, a little help and understanding would be sweet.

Today, I have the joy of the dentist.  I have put off this visit for about a year due to the cost.  But, this week, my jaw has been in such pain.  I have a cracked tooth that needs attention sooner than later to prevent further damage.  Also, due to stress, the dentist said I need a mouth guard so I don't continue to harm more teeth.  I am clenching my teeth in my sleep from stress causing TMJ and my teeth to crack.  That must be some intense clenching.  No wonder I wake up feeling like I have been hit by a truck!  So, a good $500 bucks spent on my mouth.  Ouch, that just made me clench my teeth!  LOL!

Fridays, a day for me to get my treasures listed on Etsy.com or eBay.com.  I picked up some fabulous finds at the thrift store near school.  Some vintage earrings, corningware, a Pashmina (cashmere) shawl and some other goodies that I am sure will easily find a good home.

Today, I also need to get started on packing!!!!  Yep, packing!  My sweetie was rewarded at work with a free trip to Mexico.  Until last week, we weren't sure if we could go as he's swamped at work.  Fortunately, we can go.  Tuesday, we are headed off to the south of Cancun!  I sure hope the weather is wonderful.  I would love to get out in the ocean and do some snorkling.  It's an all inclusive resort that we are going to... never been on such a trip.  That will be fun!  I will be missing some classes, but I think it will be okay.  I will do some homework today and turn it in on Monday (early) and then, go in early on Monday to my ceramics class to work on my assignment that is due on the 17th.  A critique.

Vacations are wonderful, but there's always so much to do as soon as you return. Parent teacher conferences are right when we return and I start another new class.  Actually, three, but two start a couple of weeks after I return.  Phew... there goes the clenching of the teeth!  hee, hee...

So... deep breath... 

I hope to also use Fridays to start creating.  I haven't been able to get that sewing machine going yet.  I think I am six weeks behind that goal, aren't I???  Oh well... can't do it all, can I?

As I leave you to think about what your Fabulous Friday will entail... enjoy.... 

Vintage crystal earrings...

Monday, January 18

Merry Monday!

It's Monday, again!! 

Where are the weeks going? I'm not any further ahead in my to-do list and tomorrow, I start classes! Hopefully, I will implement those long lost time management strategies that I had prior to... Hmmm... It's been so long that my schedule was on my own terms! I am nervous about having to be at school since my daughter doesn't really have a ride from school as her friends are back to sports and practices after school. My daughter will have to be patient and flexibl. She told me she can hang at school and do homework. So, she'll be safe.

I have five classes! Wow! It's been 30 years since I've been in school! I'm sure I'll be the oldest in class - maybe not! Lol!

I am working on a few creative things to list on etsy.com along with some cool vintage items I picked up recently. It's hard to part with so many of the goodies I have found. However, I am sure I'll find more treasures to play with!

So, what are you doing this merry Monday?

Wednesday, January 13

Monday, January 11

Merry Monday to you!!

Merry Monday to you all!

The holidays are over, but I can't seem to get all the decorations down.  They are so sweet.  This year, I decorated with mostly vintage things and they are so calming to me. I find that they remind me of my childhood.   My daughter and I were in this quaint town Morrison yesterday as my oldest daughter forgot some things at home and we met on her way down from skiing with friends.  I found these trees yesterday... actually, my youngest daughter found these and wanted me to get them.  They are bottle brush trees adorned with lots of vintage glitter and cute little shiney beads.  The trees are three colors and not just green.  Green, red and yellow.  I love them.

I am now torn in whether to get out my vintage valentine decorations.  I really want to get things back to "normal", if there is such a thing, but I love decorating for the holidays.  So, we'll see.

I am getting excited for school next week.  I received my twenty pounds of clay and one book.  The other books should come today or tomorrow.  Wow!  Back to school next Monday after 30 years of being out!  Crazy!  I am so fortunate to have my sweetie support me in this adventure.  With the unemployment rate at 10%, I best go to school for something.  There aren't any jobs to be had here.  Even my oldest daughter can't find anything.  Thank goodness for her scholarships, grants and student loans.

I am also getting plans started for my wedding.  We drove by the place where we want to have the ceremony and reception.  It's a historical site with big windows, wood floors and lots of space inside and out.  The weather out here can be iffy in June.  So, this will give us some options.  It was so cute to see my sweetie get excited.  He has given me full reign for coordinating the wedding.  In fact, he wants to be surprised.  It's way too cute!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!  I found an amazing man that has a huge heart!  We have become such soulmates.

My sweetie spoils me.  He actually brought home a new laptop for me as my 10 year old desktop must have died.  I can't access any programs on the old beast.  So, my sweetie was asking their IT guy at his company and the IT dude suggest this laptop.  Apparently, they order so many for the company and this one is top of the line and perfect for what I need, especially with college and the online courses I am taking along with the classroom one's.

I am nervous about school.  I have five classes.  Full time... eeek!  Good thing I don't sleep much.

Monday, January 4

it is a New Year, isn't it?

I am excited yet sad that tomorrow everyone will be back to their normal schedules... unless you are in college!

Today is the beginning of reality, isn't it?  I will miss my sweetie around and my youngest daughter as they have go back to work/school.  Fortunately, I have my older daughter to hang with.  I am incredibly excited to start my new year adventures.  I start college courses later this month.  I am taking a ceramics class, a web editing class and color photography as well as later in the spring session, a nutrition class.

We already have travel plans this year... a trip to Mexico in February and Hawaii in June... yippee!  Hawaii is our honeymoon!  So, along with the new year comes planning our wedding celebration!  I have contacted my step-bro (chef in Boston) for ideas and a good friend here in town is a party coordinator.  It's going to be a blast of a celebration.  Small and intimate with vintage flair!  I'm thinking red... bright, bold, fun!