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Thursday, February 18

Livin' in a small western town...

 I had a photography assignment that was due today.  It was to take photos that represented a "sense of place".  I realized that after living in this small little town for the last 13 years, I have taken for granted what a truly small western town this is after taking an hours worth of photos.  I went right down to Main Street and looked at the town through the lens of my camera.  
What I found was that even with all the growth surrounding Main Street, we still have that small town feeling.  To me, it's harder to find that western small town feel all the time, but it still resembles a small western town ~
We actually still have cowboys.  I caught this man heading to the local real estate office.  Maybe looking for more land for his horses?
This is a historic home converted into an office (Engineering firm) ~
 I was bummed that I caught this too late, but this was a refurbished John Deere tractor being pulled by a big truck with the dually wheels... I could hear it coming, but I didn't expect the tractor.  Everyone out this way loves a big John Deere!
This is the Episcopal Church in the center of town and the brick path leading meandering through the grounds ~
Another historic home converted into a Veterinary clinic ~ 
 There aren't too many huge trees out this way.  It's just so dry out here.  I thought this was a great shot ~

~ ~ Enjoy ~ ~


The Tablescaper said...

It looks like you live in a great place. It's true, we frequently take for granted that which is right in front of our eyes. Somehow the camera lens gives us a different perspective.

- The Tablescaper

Debbie said...

You look like you live in a very cute quaint little town!!~ I love that, lots of history too! We live in a small area, close to the city though......Happy Monday, and thanks for coming over, and being my newest follower:)

Gaia said...

Oh it's such a cosy place. Lovely shots. Blessings