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Monday, February 15

Home Sweet Home!

Back to reality!  It's always a good thing coming home to my girls and critters, but it's soooo bad not waking up on the beach!  Oh well.  It will only be a few months until we go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!

We saw a few couples getting married at the resort we were staying at and it confirmed that we just really want to elope!  So, the fun begins for planning our wedding, just the two of us, in Hawaii!  I don't even know where to begin... fortunately, simplicity will make things incredibly easy!

Enjoy your Monday!  I'm off to reality... class and everything else!  How blessed I am!


Debbie said...

Sounds fantastic!~! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! Have a wonderful time!!~

kathleen said...

Thank you... and thanks for coming over to my blog. I am addicted to yours and will be following! Your home is beautiful!