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Wednesday, June 9

Schools out for Summer!

It's June.... where does time go?  Both my girls are home for the summer, looking for jobs.  My older gal just found one!  Yippee!  The younger gal, well, it's too hard out there to find a job.  That's okay.  She's busy with Cheerleading practices, already, and headed to a 4-day camp next week.  Then, back to town to get her license!  Ahhhhhh!  Car insurance, again... my older one just renewed hers on my account.  Where does it end... all the expenses of raising kids????

Oh well... they are amazing girls full of life and so much passion about their futures!  Me, too!  Back in school and loving it.  I am finally going to be able to focus on me and get a college degree.  Strange, but good.  The college scene is different than 30 years ago, that's for sure!

well, it's off to make dinner... Vietnamese Noodle Bowls... a request of my daughter.  Yum!