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Monday, January 18

Merry Monday!

It's Monday, again!! 

Where are the weeks going? I'm not any further ahead in my to-do list and tomorrow, I start classes! Hopefully, I will implement those long lost time management strategies that I had prior to... Hmmm... It's been so long that my schedule was on my own terms! I am nervous about having to be at school since my daughter doesn't really have a ride from school as her friends are back to sports and practices after school. My daughter will have to be patient and flexibl. She told me she can hang at school and do homework. So, she'll be safe.

I have five classes! Wow! It's been 30 years since I've been in school! I'm sure I'll be the oldest in class - maybe not! Lol!

I am working on a few creative things to list on etsy.com along with some cool vintage items I picked up recently. It's hard to part with so many of the goodies I have found. However, I am sure I'll find more treasures to play with!

So, what are you doing this merry Monday?


Gaia said...

My Monday was not merry, had a terrible migraine, and now it's Thursday. All I can hope for is a Merry Weekend. Bless you and hope you'd have a great time in school.

Being Me said...

Hi Kathleen, I tagged you, now it's your turn.

Have fun with it..


Anonymous said...

Everyone fastens where there is gain.........................................