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Monday, January 11

Merry Monday to you!!

Merry Monday to you all!

The holidays are over, but I can't seem to get all the decorations down.  They are so sweet.  This year, I decorated with mostly vintage things and they are so calming to me. I find that they remind me of my childhood.   My daughter and I were in this quaint town Morrison yesterday as my oldest daughter forgot some things at home and we met on her way down from skiing with friends.  I found these trees yesterday... actually, my youngest daughter found these and wanted me to get them.  They are bottle brush trees adorned with lots of vintage glitter and cute little shiney beads.  The trees are three colors and not just green.  Green, red and yellow.  I love them.

I am now torn in whether to get out my vintage valentine decorations.  I really want to get things back to "normal", if there is such a thing, but I love decorating for the holidays.  So, we'll see.

I am getting excited for school next week.  I received my twenty pounds of clay and one book.  The other books should come today or tomorrow.  Wow!  Back to school next Monday after 30 years of being out!  Crazy!  I am so fortunate to have my sweetie support me in this adventure.  With the unemployment rate at 10%, I best go to school for something.  There aren't any jobs to be had here.  Even my oldest daughter can't find anything.  Thank goodness for her scholarships, grants and student loans.

I am also getting plans started for my wedding.  We drove by the place where we want to have the ceremony and reception.  It's a historical site with big windows, wood floors and lots of space inside and out.  The weather out here can be iffy in June.  So, this will give us some options.  It was so cute to see my sweetie get excited.  He has given me full reign for coordinating the wedding.  In fact, he wants to be surprised.  It's way too cute!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!  I found an amazing man that has a huge heart!  We have become such soulmates.

My sweetie spoils me.  He actually brought home a new laptop for me as my 10 year old desktop must have died.  I can't access any programs on the old beast.  So, my sweetie was asking their IT guy at his company and the IT dude suggest this laptop.  Apparently, they order so many for the company and this one is top of the line and perfect for what I need, especially with college and the online courses I am taking along with the classroom one's.

I am nervous about school.  I have five classes.  Full time... eeek!  Good thing I don't sleep much.

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