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Saturday, August 6

Another School Year, Already????

It's the beginning of August and my youngest has started school!  That's crazy!  It's earlier and earlier every year.  I think they used to start early due to the farming schedule, but let's face it, unfortunately there isn't much farming anymore so???  It's just not right.  The weather is finally perfect pool weather and people are still having great BBQ's and more.

I think I am more bitter about school starting earlier this year as this is the last year of school for my youngest daughter  as she will be a senior in high school!  A senior!!!?????  Didn't she just start preschool?  Weren't we just at Field Day for her 3rd grade class?  What's happening?  Were we too busy chasing the next biggest dream to slow down and really enjoy it?  Or is it really true that time flies as we get older?  I think my daughter is feeling the same things as she said she still feels so little.  This last year, I think it will be imperative to enjoy the little things in life and spend more time together doing, maybe, nothing -  talking, sharing, just being together!

I am going to have to make sure I do this as.... at the same time, my oldest daughter will be a senior in college!!!  Holy moly!  They will both be ending a chapter and beginning a new one!  It's absolutely crazy, crazy, crazy!  I am so excited for them, but we all know it's such a bittersweet time in life.

And, then, there's all the things I have to do... sell a family home as I won't need it and I am so ready to downsize to a little cottage in the foothills of Colorado.  But, that means purging sooooo much stuff and deciding what to do with it all.  Ahhhhhhhh.... I wish I could ignore it, and I suppose I could and just live in the house longer, but I am too excited to move on with my life, too.  Empty nester issues?  Not me!!!!!  Having been a single mom for so long has been tough, so this is my new chapter, too!  I am approaching it with so much excitement.  Probably too much, so it's going to be really important to slow down and enjoy this last monumental year in my girls' lives.

Happy new school year everyone Don't let the early start end your summer.  Try to let the kids stay up a smidge later than normal and continue to eat smores and savor the summer nights (we know it's too dang hot to enjoy the days!).  The first few weeks of school, at least for littler one's moves at a slower pace, so let them enjoy the season still.  Enjoy each and every moment... take more pictures, save more artwork and volunteer as much as you can!  You won't regret it.  

have an amazing day!

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manthy said...

Yes it is hard to believe that school is already here, I have had an amazing summer my oldest son get married last month and I went school shopping for clothes with my 15yr old yesterday, he is starting high school this yr. I love the picture in the rocks ;0)
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