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Monday, December 28

Ahhhhhh.... life is wonderful!

Merry Monday to you!

I hope your Christmas was amazing!  Ours was truly wonderful!  It's still hard to believe Christmas is over.  Every year it comes so fast.  I have to say, this year seemed to be a bit less like that.  I know it's because I told everyone that we weren't exchanging many gifts.  I told my girls that I didn't want any gifts and that if they really had an urge to spend money, to spend it on someone who really needs something.  They didn't spend any money and they gave me a picture frame they made.  It's the best gift I have received!

I am excited for the New Year!  I have so many plans and ideas for getting my artistic blood flowing and my business.  This week will be a great opportunity to regroup.  My sweetie is working and my girls are exhausted from visiting with their dad and his family, so I can focus and get back to some sort of routine.

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